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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Birmingham

Most people do their research and shopping online these days, regardless of whether it is for a product or a service. We live in a world where all the information we want is right at our fingertips, and it’s even better when the information comes straight to you before you even start looking for it. Whether people are searching for reviews as the last step before making a decision or comparing different businesses to decide which one is best for them. If your business isn’t showing up online, you’re not even going to get considered. But we are here to change that for you, but marketing your business so it shows up to the people looking for exactly what you offer.

Google Ads

Google is the worlds biggest search engine giant, where the majority of people will head to when they want to get some quick information or do a little bit of research. Google has almost created a monopoly, having integrated itself through so many different elements throughout the internet. And they offer by far the best services for businesses to get themselves discovered by their target audience. Our job is to make sure that your business utilizes every opportunity we can get with Google because most of your potential clients will be using it. And rather than trying to seek them out elsewhere, we can just tap straight into their watering hole.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a series of little processes digital marketing professionals put in place to get a business to show as high in a search engine as possible. There are so many elements that come together to make for great SEO, like using keywords, alt descriptions, meta descriptions, speeding up page load times, and making sure that your clients are getting the information they need from your page. And of course, the better your business is with SEO, the higher your page will rank in a search and the more clients you will have clicking on your website to find out what you’re offering.

Social Media Marketing

Chances are that you’re on some kind of social media. And even if you’re not these a pretty high chance that your potential clients are. Or their friends and family who share things they have seen on social media. People spend hours on social media each day, making it a great place of your business to be advertising what you offer. But different audiences are on different platforms, so we need to make sure that your business is marketing in the right place. Which is what we are here to understand, and create marketing that engages them.

Email Marketing

You already have some of the most valuable data you can have as a business, clients who already love your services! And if you don’t have them yet, we need to work on building them for you. When you have a database, sending people who already love your company updates and promotions is a great way to turn you once off clients into clients for life. This is one of the most untapped resources in business and a great way for you to utilize the hard work you have already put in. We create email marketing that encourages past clients to engage your services again or to make a new purchase with a product you know that they will love.