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Reputation Management

Reputation Management Birmingham

You want your business to be personable, so people know that they are dealing with real people. So the way your business communicates will determine whether people want to work with you or not. All your communication needs to be kind, fair and real, not robotic. And we know you’ve got your hands tied with other areas of your business. So outsourcing is a great way to handle your reputation, while also not having the emotional involvement that comes with complaints. We are here to free you up and make your reputation management simple, so you can focus on gaining more clients and the success of your future business.

Social Profiles

One of the main areas people will be looking at how you communicate is in social profiles. So the way you present your business on all your social and online platforms such as Google and other social media platforms. When we work with you on your business branding, we get a good feel for your business and how you want to be seen by the public. Which is how we determine the tone and how to respond to your potential clients, both in positive and negative comments. Whether your tone is energetic and fun, or more professional and serious, we will perfect it for you.

Media Statements

If you want to make a big splash in your community, getting involved in local projects and making public announcements are a great way to be seen. And these statements need to be well thought through so that you are seen as a great community player and a business that your local community would want to work with. Being seen in the media means that all eyes will be on you, for both positive and negative events. And knowing how to handle and respond to media while also trying to run a business is something that only superman himself could handle. Which is why our team are here to handle the behind the scenes stuff to show your business at its best.

Google Reviews

When people do research on a company before working with them, one of the first places they go is to check out the Google reviews. If there are a few negative comments and no response from the business, it can turn a client away before they even contact you. No one wants to know that they will be left high and dry if something doesn’t go according to plan. But people understand that not everything goes perfectly. And if you are a business that care for their clients and publically show that they resolve issues, you will be one of the top contenders for a person business.

Social Media Communication

A big percentage of people are on social media, and if that’s where your target audience is, you need to be there too. But responding to everyone can take up a lot of your time if your socials are really booming. Which is why our team are here to take away the little communications so that you only need to speak to people when they are ready to engage your services.